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The best real estate broker I met in Dubai. I would recommend him to anybody interested in luxury property and prime locations. Very professional, effective and committed. Knows everything about the market, the projects and probably every person in the industry.

Rafael B.

CEO at 10 Digit Impact Group, TheBillionDollarSecret.com and Raddiscount.de; Founder at Billion Dollar Enterprises and Rower.pl; Entrepreneur, Writer, Investor

“There are hundreds if not thousands of real estate agents in Dubai… but none like Marius. From the first time we connected, Marius never “pushed” me to buy a property. In fact, he diligently helped me understand the market, the risks, the pitfalls… and of course the opportunities. After I purchased my first property, he has been with me every step of the way and didn’t disappear. Buying a property overseas can be daunting, but with his guidance, I will buy again. I have dealt with advisors in many different countries, but with Marius… I trust him with my funds…. that is as rare as it gets!”

Akhil B.

Head of Business Development, Japan Tobacco International, Geneva, Swiss

Marius is one of the most genuine and trustworthy people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We have worked together for over 6 months identifying and making offers on properties until we found the perfect one. Never once did he push me; he always made sure my interests were put first above anyone else until I found the perfect property.
Even when I pulled out at the last minute despite huge amounts of work on his part he was fully understanding, and again, put my best interests first. He’s always available and always has the information you need; not just factual advice but an honest and genuine opinion when asked. He has the contacts, reputation and ability to deliver – nothing is too much trouble for Marius. He may be the one person I’ve found who works more and harder than I do.
I’m proud to consider Marius not only a colleague, but a friend. If it wasn’t for Marius I wouldn’t have found the property of my dreams and I would strongly advise you trust him to do the same for you – you won’t regret it.

Elliot P.

Owner & Founder, Host Presto, UK

“For a long time, we were looking to buy a property in Dubai. On our most recent holiday trip to Dubai, we finally found the right house for us. This couldn’t have been possible without Marius. He helped us understand the market and he is very passionate about what he’s doing. His portofolio is very high, from luxury properties to basic residential apartments in Dubai. I would like to thank him again for the good care, kindness, determination and the patience he had with us. There is no better person then Marius to guide you and advise you if you want to buy a property in Dubai. After we purchased the property, he also took care of all the paperwork making everything go very smooth. I am happily saying that we gained a very good friend, thank you Marius for making all this possible. Looking forward to have you as a neighbor!😉😃”

Ramona G. T.

Owner & Managing Partner at Columna Esthetics, Romania

“Marius is very well versed with the full real estate portfolios from the luxury property down to basic residential apartments in  Dubai… Coming from Singapore, I feel very safe to put my trust in his perspective.
He is very detailed and he put our interest as clients first…”

Amanda A. A.

Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders, Singapore & Malaysia

Marius provides much more than what you expect. From the bottle of water in his car to the honest and customer centered advice he delivers, every detail has been carefully considered. Dubai & Real Estate have no secrets for him. He dedicates his time and energy to get you happy.
Marius provides a service excellence that we expect from the top 5 brands in the world. And he achieves that only with commitment and love for his job and for his clients. If I have to describe Marius in 2 words I would say : UNDERPROMISING, OVERDELIVERING.
I’m happy to have you as MY DUBAI ADVISOR and I recommend you to anyone interested in Real Estate. You’re an example for your peers. Many thanks !

Dennis V.

Sports Manager, Founder and CEO, EsTeam Sport Services & Football agent @ Cherry Sports, UAE & Belgium

“One of the best agents I’ve seen in the market. He is genuine, honest, and is straight to the point. Thank you Marius!”

Rawan B.H.

Influencer & Entrepreneur , House of Rawan, Dubai, UAE

“For us, it has been a pleasure to meet Mr. Marius. He is professional, kind and always on top of everything! Find a home in Dubai can be challenging but because of him was a breeze. Thank you my new friend!”

Dr. Luis A.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, BR Medical Suits, Dubai, UAE

“We bought a house via Marius. I have to say he was very professional in accommodating our requirements. All the process was very easy with his permanent support and promptitude. Thank you Marius!”

Emel S. & Faheed A. R.

Dr. Psychiatrist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I just successfully completed the purchase of an apartment (for my clients) through Marius Bogdan Pislariu which was of real use. He is a professional who supported me intensely in this transaction, he offered me all the requested details in a very short time and he made sure that I understood all my rights and obligations (considering that I was not familiar with the UAE legislation). I really recommend Marius!

Cornelia Gabriela U.

Transaction Manager, Axell Capital, Bucuresti, Romania

“Marius, has been a great help supporting us during the process of researching, selecting and purchasing the right property in Dubai. He has valuable deep knowledge of the market and joined with his commitment and skills, allow us to assure that Marius is one of the more qualified professionals we have the opportunity to meet in his field.”

Fatima A.

CEO, Shakespeare Language Institute, Spain

Marius was very helpful in shaping the project and he was delivering great service during the transaction.

Alexis L.

Senior Managing Director Middle East Market Unit Managing Director chez Accenture, Middle East Market Unit Managing Director chez Accenture, UAE

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