Expo 2020 Dubai is a mega event hosted by the United Arab Emirates. It aims to entertain and educate a global audience, celebrate innovation, promote progress and foster cooperation. 

EY analysis shows that Expo 2020 is a long-time investment for UAE, since is expected to create jobs directly and indirectly and is expected to have a significant positive impact on UAE economy before, during and after the event.

AED 122,6 billions GVA

Between 2013 to 2031, Expo 2020 and its legacy are likely to contribute with over 122B gross value added to the UAE’s economy. At its peak activity, the impact is expected to be equivalent to 1,5% UAE’s annual gross domestic product (GDP.)

AED 40,1B in infrastructure

The infrastructure and other assets for Expo 2020, most of it that will be retained for future use will receive over AED 40B investments.

25 million visists

Expo 2020 is expected to attract over 25 million visits and participants from 190 countries and between 0,5-1M new residents. 

905,200 full time equivalent job years

Expo 2020 everything that is bringing to the table is also expected to support over 900K full-time equivalent (FTE) job-years in UAE from 2013 to 2031. This is equivalent to 49,700 FTE jobs per annum in UAE.

October 2020 to April 2021

The main event for Expo 2020 will run for 6 months and the economic impact will be felt before, during and after this period. 

Faster growth

As an Expo host, the UAE is likely to benefit from improved international profile and reputation.

Pre-Expo 2013-2020

Total GVA AED37,7B

Average 37,500 jobs
supported per annum.

During-Expo 2020-2021

Total GVA AED22,7B

Average 94,400 jobs
supported per annum.

Legacy 2021-2031

Total GVA AED62,2B

Average 53,800 jobs
supported per annum.

An increase of 700,000 new residence is expected after the Expo 2020.

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