If you plan to buy a property off-plan, does not matter if ready or under construction you have to understand all the options and take into consideration all the aspects.

Basically you can do it yourself by checking every project that could be in your interest area, talking with the developer, or you can speak with an off plan specialist: broker/agent.  Let’s see the main differences between them developers and brokers:

In the end your contract will be signed directly with the developer and you will pay the same price. 

It’s a personal choice is you want to do everything by yourself or take the advantage of the advice of an off-plan specialist… there are chances that you will discover better options than you would even consider.

The best thing to do is to see how well we can connect so let’s have a coffee and discuss more about you. 

 Just give me a call, a whats-app or email

Your Dubai Realtor,

Marius Bogdan  


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

What I stand for! To work as a real estate agent or registered broker in Dubai, there are many...

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