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Your real estate’s needs are my UTMOST PRIORITY!

Represent your interest!

I am here to help you get the best options for your needs and link you with the right people & projects!

Developer OR Broker?

I will share with you all the information you need in one place: NO rush, NO hustle, NO costs.

Your happiness is my goal

Based on your requirements, I will make sure your dream home/ investment is fulfilled effortlessly. 

Special Tailored Research

Comparisons that will short-list the relevant properties for your needs and lifestyle.

Your perfect match

My priority is finding the property that brings you a huge smile on your face and money  in your pocket.

You just have to:

Take the best informed decisions based on the facts,  your vision, your dreams and your values.

Protecting your investment.

…” Every investment, especially real estate in Dubai, is an Asset-Class.
As an international consultant, with a vast experience leading investment portfolios in Japan and Europe you can rest assured that I deliver nothing but the best to match your financial appetite and your lifestyle… ” Marius Bogdan

Chose a trustful company

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I am here to support you during the entire process that will transform a property into a lovely home or a wise investment.

We will go together through the following steps

1. We will discover exactly what you need.

We will start this road with a friendly conversation to better understand what will completely satisfy your needs. Maybe there were some questions that you didn’t asked yourself yet or things that you were not even considering… first we should consider all the options.

2. We will shortlist the best options for you.

Then I will do a proper research for you taking into consideration: your needs, the available units, the offers, the reality of the market and future perspective. I will send you the most relevant ones: offers, payment plans, brochures, pictures, videos etc.


3. We will follow up and adapt including new options.

After you will analyze the facts, based on your feedback we will fine-tune until we reach the perfect fit. At this stage we could take into consideration new options or remove old ones. 

4. We will see together the relevant projects.

If you will be in Dubai, I will establish the meetings with the representative of the developers that will answer every single question you have so you will be confident about your choice. We could see show units or at least material specifications where is the case.

5. We will be together during the entire process.

I will be your shadow on this trip, guide you during the negotiation process, pushing the developer for better option, advice you about the paper work… everything so in the end you will take the best decision that will bring a huge smile on your face and money in your pocket.

About Me

As a professional realtor, you can rely on my inquisitive mind, passion for research, analytic experience and always striving to  deliver nothing but excellence.

You are here because you are interested; Or at least curious if you are making the right investment.  I am not here to sell anything that you are not ready of or you are not clear about.

I am more of a private consultant to provide you with better real-time references, to ensure maximum understanding in turning your options to great investments.

I will be your only link with the developers, with the required information, to prevent wasting your precious time…

I only work with premium properties and matured, trustworthy developers who will deliver as promised. I am on daily bases in touch with developers for project updates.

I take every opportunity to understand for you all the faces of the products. I made a passion to understand the product because as soon as I speak with you I can easily get you right fit, the best options.

I am a great believer that every project has its own owner. I am confident that we will get the best deal for you!

My golden rules to ensure a win-win relationship:
– professional and transparent in representing your interests                                  
privacy, respect and trust based on ethics and integrity
fast, flexible and efficient communication

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Allow me to  simplify the process for you!

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